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What is the end goal for your website?

What is the end goal for your website?

Why do you have SEO?  Why do you create lots of content?  Why do you spend what seems like every waking hour link building and checking your meta tags?

Is it to increase rankings for certain keywords?

No.  This is something that needs to be done, not the end goal.

Is it to increase the visibility of your site on the Internet?

No.  This also is something that needs to be done, but still not your end goal.

Is it to become an authority site?

No.  This you should work towards, but it is not your end goal.

Is it to generate as many sales / leads as possible from the website?

Maybe.  This may be your end goal.  Face it, you probably run your site to make money.  Whether it is via advertising, or sales or lead generation or any one of a million other things,  your site is there to make money.  It is important that you stay focused on your goal, and that you don’t get distracted by things that don’t matter.  Rankings are important, if they help you towards your goal.  Same with becoming an authority site.  It is important to realise that with the internet, vanity is a very expensive thing.  If you want to be number 1 rather than number 2 for a keyword, it can cost you tens of thousands to get there.  Is it worth it?  If it helps you to achieve your end goal then do it.  If you only want to do it to be above your competitor for one keyword, then surely the money required is better spent else where?

We don’t know what your end goal is.  We can guess based on what we have seen from countless other companies and websites, but you are the only person who knows exactly what you want to achieve with the site, and you need to tell us what this is, so we can work out how best we can help you.  One thing I promise, is that Stuck On will quite happily tell you if we think you are wasting your money – we would rather you spend it where it will best help your web site than on something which we feel wont be as effective or useful.  We want to help you by providing a solution that helps you to achieve your end goals, rather than just reach an intermediary goal.

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