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What I learned at brightonSEO – two days jam packed with SEO tips


What I learned at brightonSEO – two days jam packed with SEO tips

Last week, Darren, Ryan and I made the trip down to BrightonSEO for the biannual conference for search marketers.

In a previous article, I wrote some of the key takeaways from Measure Fest, which took place the day before the two-day main conference. This section of the conference was focused on exploring search marketing tips and the latest updates in the industry.

Here are a few takeaways from the jam packed two days of the main BrightonSEO conference:

Entity SEO: how to use the SameAs tag in schema

This talk explored the SameAs tag, which is one part of structured data or schema. This helps tell search engines more information about the content of a page, and can result in rich snippets such as FAQs showing within search results under your website listing.
The SameAs tag is very powerful as it tells search engines more context about the topic explored within a specific page or article on your website. For example, you can tell search engines that your website is related to other pages on the internet, such as your business’ social media, for example.

How to improve site speed and CWV for eCommerce sites

This talk explored Core Web Vitals (CWV), one of Google’s ranking factors which looks at user experience on your website and your site speed. This talk specifically talked about eCommerce sites, although some of the tips can be used across any website. It explored some of the common issues experienced by SEOs when optimising websites for page speed in terms of core web vitals, and how you can easily fix these on your website.

Crawl budget: everything you need to know

This talk explored crawl budget – which is how many pages per day search engines will crawl on your website. Making sure the search engines only crawl content on your website which you want ranking in search results is essential, as you don’t want to waste the crawl budget for your website. The talk explored how you can use Google Search Console to work out how search engines are crawling your website and what fixable issues search engines come across, to help search engines more easily crawl your website.

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