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What have you added to your site today?

What have you added to your site today?

Over the past few months, I have started to see a very interesting trend online.  More and more companies are starting to add extra sections to their sites.  Sometimes it is just a company news page, other times it is a tool, sometimes it is in depth industrial news.

Nothing new there then, large company sites are always adding new things I hear you say.

True.  However, what would you say I said that some of  these were small companies of only 3 or 4 people?  And that they were adding all of these things to their site constantly.  And that they were moving up the SERPs for all relevant keywords?   And they were gaining more leads than ever before online, while competeing with the daddies of their industries?

Know what I would say?  I would say: “Those are our clients.  They are glad they are our clients.  Do you want to be our client?”

What happens next is up to you…

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