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What Google’s ‘helpful content’ update means for your SEO efforts

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What Google’s ‘helpful content’ update means for your SEO efforts

Google is preparing to clamp down on the amount of so-called ‘unsatisfying content’ ranking high on many search results. Instead, it is updating its algorithm to give users a more enriching experience when using the search engine.

There are several factors influencing Google’s decision to make alterations to its search algorithm in such a way that can change how publishers approach search engine optimisation (SEO). Firstly, Google says that the update will aim to deprioritise articles “mainly summarising what others have to say without adding much value”. Producers of original, helpful content have long voiced their frustrations over unoriginal articles ranking higher than their work despite the lack of time and effort put into many high-ranking articles.

Furthermore, Google has suggested that the update will target content that aims to lure users into clicking on an article in the hope of receiving an answer to a question, despite the answer being unknown. Examples of this include release dates for products or media that do not have an official release date.

However, Google’s new algorithm update should spell good news for people who produce original, relatable, beneficial and important content. Doing all of this is difficult, which is why content that ticks all these boxes should be rewarded with high search rankings.

The search engine says it will look to continue to update its algorithm to prioritise content that is deemed as ‘quality’ and that users can expect to notice these changes coming to fruition in the next few months.

Anyone that produces content for SEO purposes should be well aware of the effect these changes may have on their work. It’s worth doing whatever necessary to ensure that Google continues to prioritise your content. At Engage Web, SEO is a real forte of ours, so give our team a call as soon as you can so we can help your content get to where it deserves to be.

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