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What exactly is a blog?

What exactly is a blog?

The word ‘blog’ is often bandied about now, but not everyone knows what one is yet. Weblog is the correct term, but common usage has shortened it to ‘blog.’ Quite simply, it is a web-based, interactive journal and anyone can have one, including companies nowadays. It can give people the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings in public like an online diary, or in the case of a business blog, it can be a series of articles reporting and commenting upon events and issues. The correct use of a blog helps to improve a website’s search engine optimisation (SEO).

There are as many different styles of blog as there are writers; finding the right one for your business is up to you. Attracting customers and keeping them is the aim. Like search engines, customers are intelligent and can see through anything false, that is, any article writing that uses keywords and phrases in an artificial way or content written by those who do not properly understand the language. Search engines quality not quantity and ignores and can even penalise content stuffed with keywords.

Blogs can be in diary form and personal, not always a format suitable for most business environments, but they do work very well for newspapers and magazines, generating large numbers of loyal followers. Business blogs that are a series of articles incorporating one or two choice keywords, need to have unique and attractive subjects which article writing services can provide. Some managers are wary of outsourcing content but it works best for most businesses and improves their SEO. The blogs are specific to the individual company and emphasise previously agreed areas. Blogging has become big business such that there are reputable agencies specialising in blogs who outsource their content writing to professional SEO writers working from home.

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