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What does the new relevant results feature mean for SEO?

SEO planning

What does the new relevant results feature mean for SEO?

Google is starting to release a new feature to its search engine results page (SERPs), which will help searchers to refine their search.

In a previous article, we wrote about a new feature coming to Google search that gives relevant results to people searching on their mobile device. You can find out more about this new feature by reading our previous blog.

What are short-tail and long-tail keywords?

Short-tail keywords are search queries that are broad and that typically have higher search volumes. For example, ‘mobile phones’ would be classed as a short-tail keyword.

Long-tail keywords are more specific search queries that have less search volume but give more specific information for a search. An example of this would be ‘iPhone 13 5G 512GB black’. With this new feature, this could result in long-tail keywords getting more search visibility.

The new feature will mean that focusing on longer-form content that is targeted at long-tail keywords may help you to get better results from your website, as when searchers refine their search with this new feature in the search engine results page (SERPs), they will then be able to see content targeted at more long-tail keywords.

Will this new feature help to bring more traffic to my site?

It depends, with the new feature being released, if you are currently ranking highly for long-tail keywords then this could result in more traffic to your website. However, it may also result in more competition for long-tail keywords that could result in you needing to compete with larger competitors to stay at the top of that search query.

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