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What are the most popular websites in the UK?

What are the most popular websites in the UK?

SEO is all about getting your website to rank higher in Google (and possibly other not so important search engines) so that you receive more traffic, and subsequently business.

SEO is just one small part of making your website hugely successful though. It also has to be engaging, useful, well designed, sticky (meaning that people stay on it longer and come back again) and lots of other things besides. The most successful websites in the UK all have these things in common, as you can see below in the Hitwise report for the most popular websites in the UK for the week ending on Halloween, October 31st.

Google.co.uk is out in front, naturally, because it is the search engine that produces the best results when users are looking for information, products or generally anything on the Internet. Notice that Yahoo.co.uk is down in 10th place, with roughly 10% of the traffic that Google.co.uk receives?

Even Google.com is above Yahoo.co.uk, showing that anyone who is going to find your website is going to do it through Google.

Microsoft’s search, Bing, is down in 18th place with just 0.44% of visits.

Great interactive websites such as the BBC, BBC iPlayer and YouTube have all performed well. In fact, the BBC has done so well that 4 of the top 20 places belong to Aunty.

Facebook is the big winner in the battle of the social networking websites, with 6.12% of the traffic.

Obviously your website isn’t going to compete with the likes of the top 20, but it shows you how the UK is spending its Internet time. If you’re not taking advantage of Facebook, YouTube and Google’s dominance then you’re missing out.

  • Great help for finding the demograhics and web-usage in the UK wa slooking for a while for that.

    Thanks =D

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