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What are the benefits of fresh content?

What are the benefits of fresh content?

OK, so you understand what we are talking about – lots and lots of fresh content. But what are some of the benefits that you may not already know?

Here is a list from the top of my head

  • People will think that you are real experts. You could be of course, but without writing industry news content on your site for example, how will they know?
  • Bloggers will base their writings on your news. You wont always get linked from this, but even so, you should get a mention. Mentions are good.
  • Press contacts. When you write consistently about a subject and a journalist is on the lookout for some interesting information concerning your industry, there is a high probability that you will be chosen as the industry experts and get some much-needed exposure from an article or even a TV appearance.
  • Spammers will help you to get promoted. Say what? Yes, its true. There are a lot of spammers out there that create sites based on other’s RSS feeds from news and blogs. If you are a consistent producer of news through using Stuck On, sites in your industry should contain snippets of your news. Usually this contains a link to your news item also. Over time, however insignificant each link may be, they can add up and actually help to promote you.

To allow me some more space on another post, I will leave the list there for now, but that is just a few of the reasons for using a company like Stuck On to produce your news so that you can grow fast and strong on the web.

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