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What are keywords and why do you need them?


What are keywords and why do you need them?

For many people entering the marketing world, search engine optimisation (SEO) can seem very confusing and overwhelming, but it can actually be very simple. SEO allows your content to be more visible to your particular target audience through using specific keywords that your audience would be interested in.

In order to climb up the Google search ranking, you need to relate your content to your SEO strategy – SEO demands content. To do this, you’ll need words, and lots of them. Landing pages and articles will answer your customers’ questions and solve their problems.

While your content may be broad in the topic you’re discussing, keywords help to define and condense your subject matter into strategic categories, which then helps Google to answer your customers’ requests by presenting them with your website in search results.

How do you choose your keywords?

Finding your keywords should be very easy. First of all, look at your website and business and ask yourself what problem you’re solving. What would a potential client or customer search online in order for your website to be placed in front of them?

To get a better idea, Google Ads provides a Keyword Planner, in which you can find the most searched keywords relating to your audience – the more specific, the better.

What do you do with keywords?

When you have your list of keywords, start using them in your content. However, try not to exhaust them, as Google may see this as’ keyword stuffing’, which can negatively impact your site’s rankings, and it may also bore your readers with repetition.

By having a list of keywords, you can keep track of their rankings using the Keyword Planner. This shows you what people are currently interested in or what they need, allowing your content to fulfil that need. You can also review the success of your content through Google Search Console, as this lets you to see which pages users are clicking on to get to your website, giving you an impression of what your audience is enjoying or finding interesting.

At Engage Web, we provide SEO management and how it can help to grow your business online. We have many years of experience in creating SEO-friendly content that is legible and successful in delivering Google ranking results. For more help or information on this, speak to a member of our team today.

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