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We’ve got the same name on Facebook, add me as a ‘wife’

We’ve got the same name on Facebook, add me as a ‘wife’

A common game on Facebook is to search for people with the same name as you and add them as friends. I must confess that I’ve had a look around myself, but as I have a fairly common name I usually find hundreds of similarly named people… no girls though!

This wasn’t the case for twenty-year-old Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt from Miami, who was bored one day and decided to see if anyone on Facebook had the same name as her, ‘Kelly Hildebrandt’. Incredibly she found just one person who shared her name, and it was a ‘he’. Kelly Carl Hildebrandt was twenty-four and lived in Texas. Having found the one and only person to share her name on Facebook, Kelly (the first one) sent the second Kelly a message that read:

‘Hi. We had the same name. Thought it was cool,’

Rather than delete the message from someone he didn’t know, Kelly Carl Hildebrandt added Kelly as a friend, thinking she was ‘cute’. Naturally as they both shared the same name, and such an unusual name at that, Kelly Carl was concerned that the two could already be related. Luckily they weren’t, and an Internet friendship spilled over into real life, culminating in the couple setting a date for marriage.

Kelly (Katrina) is a student and Kelly (Carl) works in financial services. The couple are planning a wedding later this year in Florida.

Their beautiful Facebook romance hasn’t gone completely without mishap though as a cruise holiday they booked was nearly cancelled when the tour operator thought the same person had been booked in twice, and deleted one of the tickets.

To avoid the same mistake at the wedding the couple have used their middle names on the invitations.

  • Of all the ways to meet that potential match… Congratulations! I wish you both the happiest of days together. If you need any help decorating the wedding be sure to check out !


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