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Web searches for Welsh village reveal 364 spelling mistakes

Web searches for Welsh village reveal 364 spelling mistakes

The Welsh village Betws-y-Coed is the subject of a piece of research into spelling errors people make when searching online for information. Kevin Jones, who manages a tourism site for the village, decided to look into the various different spellings people entered into search engines to arrive at the site, and was astonished to find 364 different spellings in use.

For the research, Kevin decided to count spellings that had been used three or more times by people looking for information on Betws-y-Coed. The spellings were all ones that had resulted in viewers arriving at the website and clicking on its pages.

The case highlights the variety of misspellings people use when looking for information online. It also demonstrates the fact that even when using a spelling that bears little resemblance to the word or name being searched for, people can still end up on the relevant websites. This is because search engines will often suggest the correct spelling of a word or will show results for the terms that appear to have been intended.

Of course, while this is all very helpful for people using search engines, it’s important that website owners themselves use the correct spellings of names and words, in order to create the right impression and build the authority of the website. It’s well-known that a careless mistake with spelling a name can attract the wrong sort of attention. Many site owners use the services of article writers to ensure that even the trickiest place names are spelled correctly on their websites.

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