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Web dangers, or the Elephant of Surprise

Web dangers, or the Elephant of Surprise

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition, but even fewer people expect the Elephant of Surprise.

He’s a bit of a nasty shock, the Elephant of Surprise. You’re cruising the web quite happily, when suddenly – he appears on your horizon. The terrible thing is that you never know when he’ll appear, which is why he’s called the Elephant of Surprise.

Like many rogue elephants, the Elephant of Surprise can do serious damage to his environment. When that environment is your website, the consequences are severe.

How did he become a web issue? His story is fairly straightforward. Little surprises are quite fine when it comes to your website. Breaking up the monotony of hundreds of pages of text with a video or interesting graphic is a nice surprise. Big surprises, though, can be a big problem. Sudden shocks, such as encountering a 404 or other page error,  can hit with all the impact of a grown male African elephant in downtown Chester, leading to a loss of trust in the security of a site and the professionalism of the business.

Not many people would expect that the Elephant of Surprise would be a problem with their SEO… but then again, he is the Elephant of Surprise. He crops up in unexpected places. To ensure your site remains free from elephant attacks, review your pages for signs of trustworthiness, monitor errors closely and follow the best practises for search engine optimisation. Test your pages for any nasty shocks lying in wait for your customers. Your improved bounce rate will be your reward.

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