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Ways to avoid plagiarised content

Ways to avoid plagiarised content

The legal side of business can be a complicated issue in today’s world of pirated goods, illegal music and film downloads and plagiarism. The wise business person always takes sensible steps to avoid these areas. The importation and selling of counterfeit goods is unthinkable for reputable businesses, as is the illegal acquisition of other’s inventions, ideas and works by industrial espionage.

When it comes to content and web copy it can be trickier as the ubiquitous practice of ‘cut and paste’ can lead to unknowingly copying someone else’s work. A Chambers Dictionary definition of
plagiarise is ‘to steal from the writings or ideas of another.’

Interpretations of this vary, but fair use dictates that you do not pass off other people’s work as your own. There are many plagiarism checking websites used by lecturers and teachers to ensure that their students are not submitting other students’ essays as their own. On the other hand, there are just as many websites offering to sell essays to students.

Reputable freelance journalists are very careful to check their news article sources and do not reproduce information from the internet or newswires without first double checking for confirmation through other channels. In the same way, a reputable article writing service employs in-house editors to filter errors and inaccuracies that may be present in copy submitted to them by their content writers and copy writers. This way you can be assured that all content and copy on your website is original and tailor-made to fit your business.

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