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Wayne Rooney under fire for poor grammar

Wayne Rooney under fire for poor grammar

Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United and England striker, has received a torrent of criticism for his poor use of English grammar and bad spelling. Rooney recently opened a Twitter account in an attempt to offer an insight into his personal life. He has already been busy uploading photographs of himself at a tanning booth, publicised his golf arrangements and tweeting about Easter with his family.

In his initial tweets, Rooney displayed a poor use of English grammar and made constant spelling errors, which Piers Morgan seized on immediately. Piers criticised Wayne Rooney’s constant errors and use of abbreviations commonly used when texting. Piers actually corrected Wayne at one point, giving the correct spellings before expressing amazement that Rooney hadn’t been banned from Twitter for his constant use of incorrect grammar and spelling errors.

Although the inability to spell may have created amusement for Rooney and his army of fans, it has also been a source of ridicule which could cause damage for the reputation of a business. A website represents a business, creating a professional image with original copy which is grammatically correct. A professional writer will create original content on a regular basis, which is factually correct, while stimulating interest. Content outsourcing may seem unnecessary, especially if your business website is in the early stages of development, but this is the time when you will rely on your website to lure customers to your business. The image you create at this time will have a huge impact on the reputation of your company.

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