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Voice search and Primetime improve Google TV

Voice search and Primetime improve Google TV

Recent updates to Google TV have made it even easier to operate than previously, with PrimeTime, voice search and improved integration with YouTube, according to a Google blog post. The update will initially be made to LG devices, with others to follow. To watch movies, TV shows, play videos online, use Google search or open apps a user can just speak out and ask.

Using the new feature, a user can just say the name of an alternative channel and the TV will change to that channel. If a user is looking for information, perhaps how to perform a task with the help of a YouTube video, they can just say it out loud and it will be found. The search results page is more visual and locating a movie or TV show which features a particular celebrity is simple, as you just ask for shows with that actor or actress.

The update has also added a new TV guide for Google named PrimeTime, which lets a user scroll through live TV, watch TV shows which have been recently viewed and easily access favourites. The update to Google TV will be introduced to users who have LG devices and other devices will be updated in the next few months. Google Play music and movies was added to UK customers recently. The changes being made to Google TV and other Google products may have an effect on the SEO of companies all over the world. Search engine optimisation relies on being frequently updated to stay ahead of changes introduced by the company.

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