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Visitors to 2012 Olympics to navigate London Transport with Google Maps

Visitors to 2012 Olympics to navigate London Transport with Google Maps

Visitors to the 2012 Olympics will find it much easier to travel around London, thanks to a new feature from Google Maps. The feature was launched recently, making it easier for commuters and tourists in the Capital to find their way around one of the largest cities in Europe.

Transport for London serves over a billion passengers each year, covering more than 250 Underground stations and in excess of 18,000 bus stops. TfL has become one of the first agencies in Europe to provide timetable information to the public using the London Datastore.

Arriving in London, or even your everyday commute will be made much easier as you can access directions and details of public transport, using Google Maps. By clicking the “Get directions” icon and the train icon, you will be given public transport directions. Enter your destination and location to be given the most convenient route. Rather than having to enter an address for your destination, you can enter the name of the place which includes restaurants, theatres and other popular places.

You can access this feature through Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile to gain constant access to a planner for your trip. If you are using mobile, Google Maps will give directions based on your current location, with more than one route given if available.

Google is always making improvements to features available, updating technology which facilitates improved search engine optimisation techniques. Whether you are travelling to London from Liverpool to watch the 2012 Olympic Games, or improving your SEO campaign, Google technology plays an important role in events.

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