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Vines more effective than longer marketing videos, according to figures

Vines more effective than longer marketing videos, according to figures

Viral marketing experts have composed an infographic which lists revealing statistics from the increasingly popular video sharing app Vine.

The infographic, which was put together by the 7th Chamber, points to how top brands are now using the app to bolster their existing social media presences and engage further with their customers.

According to the 7th Chamber, some of the leading brands on Vine include McDonald’s, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and US-based fast food company Taco Bell.

Perhaps the most important points on the infographic for marketers are the statistics showing just how fast vines can go viral, reaching huge audiences in a short space of time.

Every second, according to the report, five tweets are published containing links to Vine videos. Similarly, a branded vine is up to four times more likely to be seen by consumers than a longer branded video.

Part of the Vines’ ability to go viral could come down to their brevity, with videos made using the app running on a mere six second loop.

Demonstrating how use of the app can be beneficial to companies in a range of sectors, the five most successful industries on the network were given as fashion, automotive, sport, print and technology.

In the second half of the infographic, the 7th Chamber lists its top tips for companies looking to reach customers via their Vine newsfeeds. These included the use of relevant hashtags, the creation of informative, how-to videos, and hiring influential names and celebrities as part of a distribution strategy.

The viral specialists also advised marketers to simply be creative. To view the infographic, click here.

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