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Using videos in your blogs for SEO

Using videos in your blogs for SEO

Everyone knows, or at least should know, that adding text rich content to your website on a regular basis helps your SEO, but not many people realise that video content can also be hugely beneficial to a website’s rankings and its SEO campaign.

Videos, especially from YouTube, can be used easily to add value to your website and increase your rankings and traffic. Here’s how you can use video from YouTube to improve your rankings in the search engines, and improve your traffic.

  • Firstly, using WordPress you can install one of many YouTube plugins that allow you to add videos with one line of code, simply and easily.
  • You can also use a plugin to pull through the YouTube comments, which helps your website’s content to grow. Be warned though, these comments will need to be moderated!
  • By uploading your videos to YouTube you can benefit from the free video hosting service and from the fact that people use YouTube to search for videos, so you’ll get traffic from YouTube itself.
  • You can build links from YouTube to your website, and vice versa by linking to your own videos.
  • Videos also rank in the SERPs for relevant searches, so your videos could rank for competitive phrases that would take years for your website to rank for.

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