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Using Google Analytics with Adsense to improve your site’s money making potential

Using Google Analytics with Adsense to improve your site’s money making potential

Making money on your website with Adsense used to be a case of repeatedly shooting in the dark. You’d write content for your site on a regular basis, sit back and watch the money come in. However, you wouldn’t know exactly what content made the most money, even though you could clearly see what content received the most traffic with stats packages such as Google Analytics. But as we know, traffic doesn’t always convert into money.

You could create separate channels within Adsense to see what ad blocks made the most, but that wasn’t really feasible when you need to know exactly what pages, and what posts, earn you the most.

If only there was a way to know what posts earned the most. Google thought so too, and not so long ago they rolled out the functionality that allowed you to merge your Adsense account with your Google Analytics account.

This isn’t available to everyone, so if you haven’t seen the link on your dashboard when you log in, apologies… but blame Google not me!

What this great system does is, it allows you see exactly how much revenue you’ve made from each page of your website, split up by day. So, if you have a post that has been on your site a week, you can see how much money it has made for you in that time, and each day.

But there’s more. You can also see how much money you’ve made from each referrer. So if you have adverts on certain websites you can tell whether they’re making you enough money to justify them.

The best bit however is that you can see how much money you’ve made from the keywords you rank for based on the traffic you’ve received from them. You might rank #1 in Google for one keyword and be getting thousands of visits for it, but are you making any money from it?

On the flipside, you might be making loads of money from key phrases you hadn’t considered, or didn’t even realise you ranked for. This in turn allows you to write about those subjects again, ensuring your rankings for them improve, and thus your earnings improve.

There’s no longer any need to stick the proverbial content needle into the Google haystack. Know what content is making you the most money and elaborate on it.

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