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Using Google Alerts to find topics for your content

Using Google Alerts to find topics for your content

Finding news and information to write about for your website can be a time consuming process. You can look in offline media such as newspapers and magazines, and you can use the Internet to find news and information as well. Search engines are the best port of call, naturally, because they index websites that have content (that is after all what you want them to do for your own website).

Still, even if you spend time going around different websites it can take a long time. Luckily you can use Google Alerts to gather information quickly and easily. Whenever you perform a search on Google News you have the option of signing up to receive emails with results from that search periodically. This is useful because if you wanted to write articles about SEO, you could receive emails from Google whenever news items are posted online about SEO. You can then save the emails and write the articles at your leisure.

You can even target specific areas by adding ‘location:uk’ or ‘location:london’ after your search to receive news about that area. This ensures that you’re not sent news that caters only to the USA or other countries.

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