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Using content: a novel approach to business

Using content: a novel approach to business

The power of the internet is obvious, but looking in detail at just one tiny corner of it demonstrates how potent and life-changing it can be.

Take the example of authors who traditionally spend laborious hours writing their beloved work, submit it to a publisher and, more often than not, face rejection. Some, taking their cue from internet music phenomena such as the Arctic Monkeys and the virtual band Gorillaz, have set up their own online publishing websites. The latest to do this is Ray Connolly who, according to a recent article in the Guardian newspaper, is publishing a chapter at a time of his latest novel on his website. The obvious downside to this is that anyone can do it and there is an awful lot of rubbish published online. However, as an indication of a way to beat rejection, reach out to a new audience and cut costs in these hard times, it has got to be a winner.

It does not take a great quantum leap to transfer these lessons to business websites. The main point is that by using search engine optimisation (SEO) the business person who wants to be at the cutting edge and develop new markets is already streets ahead of the competition. The constantly changing outsourced content supplied by professional SEO writers maintains customer interest (like readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter) and encourages repeat visiting. The cost when you outsource content writing through a reputable agency is minimal compared to internet stagnation and subsequent loss of business.

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