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User links – a good or bad thing?

User links – a good or bad thing?

There are a few search engine optimisation experts who argue against allowing users to post links on a website. They argue this for a reason. Letting other people post their links on your pages can be risky business, even if you do have a filtering process in place. On the other hand, refusing to allow users to post links with their comments can hold back the social side of your site. What should you do?

The first question to ask is what the benefits are of allowing users to post links. This is a fairly easy one to answer. When you, as a site owner, are looking at other people’s blogs or sites, you’re more likely to post a comment when you can also include a link. If you want to attract quality comments on your own site, allowing links in user signatures is encouraging. It’s a simple way to keep activity happening on your pages.

The second question, then, is how to minimise the risk to your site. There are a few things you can do:

*Require some form of login. This is the most basic form of protection for comment sections in general.

*Upload the latest technology. A lot of sites get into trouble by using outdated comments software. Updates often have security features that are beneficial to your SEO.

*Review comments. This can be a laborious task, but adding comments reviewing to your SEO jobs list is the best way to ensure no spam is posted on your site.

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