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Upcoming trends in content marketing

Upcoming trends in content marketing

With 2017 fast approaching, you may be wondering how content marketing may change over the coming year. After all, the habits of users generally evolve to keep pace with advances in technology, so you will no doubt want to update your content marketing strategy to match your audience.

The media mix

In addition to your written materials like articles, case studies, and news feeds, you should already be using rich media forms like photos, infographics and recorded videos. These will all still be valuable, but you should also look at adding live streaming to the mix, such as for new product launches and customer-oriented events. Virtual reality and interactive content are also set to play more prominent roles in the future.

What you may find surprising is that email could play a big role in 2017. For those operating in B2B markets, an email newsletter could be a great way to disseminate information to existing clients and reach out to new prospects. If you think this could fit in with your strategy, now might be a good time to take some concrete steps.

Advertising trends

Users are expected to continue in their rejection of push advertising through the increasing use of ad blockers. Advertising will not vanish entirely of course, but it will inevitably move towards subtle native advertising methods. As more companies move into content marketing or ramp up their existing efforts, you’ll find it increasingly competitive to get the attention of users. This will be especially true for Facebook, where changes have made it harder to get your content seen organically.

Finally, storytelling has been covered in previous articles, but it looks set to become even more important in future. This is how you will be able to really engage with users who have become bored with a mass of disparate and inconsistent content.

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