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UK’s demand for mobile websites reaches all-time high, says OFCOM

UK’s demand for mobile websites reaches all-time high, says OFCOM

This month saw OFCOM publish its tenth annual Communications Market Report, which is a statistical analysis of the communications sectors covering everything from TV usage, to internet and web-based application and device ownership.

Taking a good look at the statistics will help formulate important questions for any business owner who desires an online presence. Understanding the most important part of a business’ route to market is essential in any economic climate, let alone one in recovery.

The report shows some interesting numbers and can help business owners better position themselves now and in the future. Let’s look at some of the facts:

  • 80% of UK adults have access to the Internet via a computer or mobile device
  • The average UK home now has more than three types of device able to connect to the Internet, including tablet, smartphone and laptop (the number of tablet computers in the home has more than doubled in the last 12 months from 11% to 24%)
  • 20% of homes in the UK now own six or more types of mobile device
  • Historically, the hardest nut for the Internet to crack was the older generation, but mobile internet connection among those aged 55-64 has increased by 500% in recent years

It’s fairly safe to say the increase in tablet and smartphone usage is not going to come as a shock, but what is interesting is that the usage of these devices has replaced the need for multiple traditional TV sets in the home. Gone are the days when each room had to have a TV; the UK is now opting for one larger ‘main’ home TV. Connectivity through smart devices via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, coupled with general internet browsing, means families are gathering round the central entertainment hub while at the same time interacting through the Internet and social media channels.

What does this mean to UK business owners?

With mobile devices becoming an everyday essential item in the home, it is now more vital than ever to ensure a business has a mobile site. All businesses serious about attracting customers to their ‘door’ should be constantly evaluating how they present themselves and their product to their customers. This applies both online and offline.

You wouldn’t play a radio advert on the TV, so why should a website be any different?

It is important for any business to ensure the presentation complements the medium and, in online terms, that means having a responsive design. Without this, the site’s visitors, like the viewers, would just switch over.

Mark Black

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