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UK survey shows dangers of ‘forgettable’ content

UK survey shows dangers of ‘forgettable’ content

A recent survey conducted by software company Prezi and Censuswide reveals that branded content is not sticking in people’s minds.

Of those surveyed, 80% had forgotten most of the information in just three days, and more than half could not recall a single detail about the content. The study also found that only a small minority (7%) actually took the time to fully read more than five articles a day. Most people seem to scan through content, so it’s hardly surprising they cannot recall it later.

The most cited reasons for not remembering content included:

• Content not being relevant (55%)
• No motivation to memorise content (36%)
• An overload of content to remember (30%)

The business world may be producing increasing amounts of content, but it seems something is awry if it cannot persist in the minds of consumers. After all, content marketing is about winning hearts and minds and building brand reputation. This will not happen if your audience finds your content pointless or irrelevant.

The survey also looked at what would help people to remember content. Some 27% expressed that they would remember something better if it told them something new, while another 25% said that content that taught, inspired, or entertained them would help them to remember a brand.

The survey’s results clearly reinforce the need to ensure that your content is both relevant and useful to people. For example, if you host a website news feed, are you publishing stories that interest your audience? Likewise, if you provide informative articles, are you providing your audience with tips that will actually help them in their daily lives? If you can make people’s lives just a little easier, they will remember your brand in a good way.

In short, ensure that your content is memorable.

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