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Emoji schedule

Twitter to update TweetDeck with new supportive features

Emoji schedule

Twitter to update TweetDeck with new supportive features

Social media management tool TweetDeck is set to receive an update so that it can support regularly used features from Twitter, including emojis.

Emojis have become a core part of all social media sites for a long time, with some communications being made solely through GIF or emoji. Not being able to schedule ahead tweets and posts containing these integral parts of social media has become an issue for content creators. Now, Twitter has decided to give TweetDeck a makeover that will enable it to support these core features.

TweetDeck will soon be able to support emojis, GIFs and polls. These three features have been part of the main Twitter site for many years, including use on the desktop version of the site. Before it was closed last year, Twitter even supported these features on the Mac app. TweetDeck had been without them for years and was not in the periphery of Twitter, meaning it did not receive new features for a long time, if at all.

After setting up a Twitter poll asking which of the missing features TweetDeck users would like to see introduced to the platform, the company announced that it would be bringing each of the mentioned features to the tool.

As well as the aforementioned GIFs, polls and emojis, it will be adding support for threads and image tagging. For the time being, this will be only a test, but it is expected that these will be permanently rolled out to the tool in the coming months.

Despite not having these features supported within the platform, users can find ways around them. For example, emojis can be added if they are copied from another text field, while GIFs can be dragged in through the desktop version. Polls can be created in the desktop version of the site and can be viewed in TweetDeck, although they cannot be created in the platform. However, Twitter has decided to bring these features to TweetDeck to show that the tool is still in consideration and in the company’s good graces.

Twitter does have a habit of buying features or incorporating new core features into all versions of its own app, then either getting rid of them quickly or ignoring the third party tools that may need them, especially those that made the feature popular in the first place, such as Vine, the now-dead video looping service, or Periscope.

TweetDeck was originally acquired by Twitter in 2011 and has since been an integral part of social media manager and content creator’s arsenal. The fact that Twitter is giving it a much needed round of updates will give these parties hope that the axe will not be wielded on the tool in the near future.

Alan Littler

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