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Twitter on phone

Twitter to remove verified badges for all non-paying users

Twitter on phone

Twitter to remove verified badges for all non-paying users

Twitter’s longstanding system for verifying the accounts of users will be officially gone in just a few days, it was announced last week.

In a tweet from its @verified account, Twitter announced that it will be removing the verified status of accounts previously verified as ‘notable’ as early as this Saturday, April 1. This leaves users with no option to remain verified other than to subscribe to Twitter Blue for the price of £9.60 a month in the UK.

Twitter’s last change to the verification system distinguished between accounts that were verified as Twitter Blue users and users that had gained verification over the years prior to the newly renovated system. Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter since October, has previously stated that the old verification system was “corrupt”, turning to Twitter Blue as a way of “democratising” the symbol.

When Musk and his team initially launched Twitter Blue, controversy was stirred by some users impersonating celebrities, as well as other notable people and brands, using verification through Twitter Blue as a way to appear legitimate. With a great deal of previously verified accounts set to become unverified, Twitter will be hoping that the same issues are not repeated in the coming weeks.

Accounts associated with verified organisations and brands will still keep their verification. However, Twitter’s newly introduced Verified Organisations program will charge organisations around $1,000 a month, along with an additional $50 a month for every affiliated account.

Already viewed by industry insiders as a massively necessary revenue stream for the company, Musk’s team will be hoping that these additional advantages for using Twitter Blue will encourage more users to invest in the subscription service.

Will you be investing in Twitter Blue to become verified? While Twitter has confirmed that users with the blue tick get priority in searches, mentions and replies on the site, you may not see the need to part with £9.60 a month.

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