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Twitter tests new desktop interface

Twitter Homepage

Twitter tests new desktop interface

Earlier this year, microblogging site Twitter made an announcement stating that it plans to roll out a simplified version of its desktop site. Six months after the initial announcement, the company is still rolling out numerous tests as it continues to find the right way to go for the interface.

The latest version of the tests are in the process of being rolled out for a wider number of users to experiment with. The desktop is now appearing in three distinct columns, with the trends section being shifted into the right side column, moving from the left column where it is presently. Furthermore, the menu and navigational icons, including the home button and the link to a user’s profile have all been moved from the top bar to the left hand column. Of course, the timeline of tweets remains at the front and centre of the interface.

A spokesperson on behalf of Twitter confirmed that the company is testing new experiences the company hopes to bring to the site, and hopes to receive feedback from users on the new interface. A specific date for a wider launch of the current interface design was not provided, but the spokesperson did suggest it could be coming, by saying “stay tuned.”

As is to be expected in any change to the desktop interface, the design will revolve around the main timeline of tweets and updates, which is always expected to be at the centre. It is everything else that is being moved and rehomed. The new version of the left hand column contains the Home button, as well as notifications, direct messages, lists and bookmarks, and the profile link. It is joined by a ‘More’ button that would give the user a further set of options.

It has been noted that the Mentions section has been relegated, and now appears within the ‘More’ menu. Despite its move, the spokesperson did confirm that the feature would be sticking around and would not be removed altogether.

Underneath the ‘More’ menu will be other options, such as Dark Mode, Settings and links to various other Twitter services.

The need for an update is part of Twitter’s bigger picture and its endeavours to build a version of the site that works for more of its users, more of the time. One of the main reasons for this is to try and address some of the problems the company has been experiencing, such as users finding the site difficult to use, a lack of user-friendliness in terms of keeping up with conversations, and being uneasy on the eye.

Should Twitter be able to address these issues, along with keeping abuse, trolling and fake news to a minimum, it may help the platform to grow in terms of users. This has been in decline recently, despite the company posting some of its best financial results.

Alan Littler

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