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Twitter Podium

Twitter set to boost user experience by combining features

Twitter Podium

Twitter set to boost user experience by combining features

Microblogging site Twitter has announced its intentions to give users the best experience and the opportunity to find the best content on the site by merging a couple of its well-known features.

In a blog post from last week, the company explained that it was introducing a new way for users to discover what’s happening on the site with the launch of the Explore tab. This will be a new section of the site where trending topics, news and its Moments feature will all move to.

In its post, the social network explains that it has been exploring (pardon the pun) a number of different options to make searching for content and looking at trending topics much simpler for users.

In October 2015, the company initially revealed Moments, a tab dedicated to providing the most recent news stories, categorised into different subjects including politics, sports and entertainment. At the time of release, it was the most high-profile feature introduction the site had ever made and had months of build-up before its initial launch.

Moments appeared along the top menu bar with a thunderbolt icon. This relegated the site’s famous trending topics and search feature to a separate section represented by a magnifying glass in the top corner of the mobile app. As a result of this month’s changes, the magnifying glass icon will be completely removed.

With the site undergoing a large rearranging of its interface, there is potential for the site to accidentally leave something behind along the way, or remove something without informing users. However, the company has assured its 317 million active users that it will not forget anything and no features are actually going to be removed. The introduction of the Explore tab is a way for the site to be streamlined for users to have easier access to the content they wish to see.

Twitter has not really revealed any metrics relating to Moments since its launch and it hasn’t really lived up to the hype the company was creating back in 2015. This could suggest that it hasn’t had the impact Twitter bosses thought it was going to have, and they have now decided to remove its dedicated tab and push it deeper into the site.

Twitter has already begun rolling out the new feature on iOS devices and is expecting to do the same with Android devices in the next couple of weeks.

Alan Littler

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