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Twitter releases Professional Profiles for all

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Twitter releases Professional Profiles for all

Back in April last year, we reported that Twitter was testing a new feature called Professional Profiles, which businesses and professionals could use to unlock specific tools and features. Now, this feature has been released to all.

This profile type was designed for use by anyone who uses the social media platform for work-related purposes, and can include creators, publishers, charities and, of course, businesses. After its initial testing with a select number of hand-picked businesses last April, the social media giant invited more businesses to sign up, before it then opened up applications to everyone in September.

While everyone has been able to apply since September, approval from Twitter has been needed to actually convert to a Professional Profile. Now, this approval is being scrapped, and all users can change their profile to a professional one within their profile settings.

However, while all users can convert their profile sans approval, there are some criteria they do need to fulfil to make the switch. These are not having a history of violating Twitter’s User Agreement; having a fully formed profile with a name, bio and profile image; and having a clear, “authentic identity” on their profile. This means that it can’t feature another organization, brand or person’s identity, or be a false one. In addition, fictional character or animal-related profiles don’t make the cut – unless they are directly linked to a brand – and fan and parody accounts are ineligible too.

In order to make the change to a Professional Profile, users simply need to:

1. Go to profile settings and scroll down until you find “Switch to Professional” and select that, or, if you’re in the app, swipe to open the sidebar on the Home page, and then scroll down until “Twitter for Professionals” appears, and click on that
2. Next, click “Get Started”
3. Choose an appropriate category for the Professional Profile and then click “Next”
4. Choose from “Creator” or “Business” as appropriate, then click “Next” again”

You’re now set up as a Professional on Twitter, and can reap the benefits that this type of profile brings.

If you need help with getting your business’ name out on the web or on social media specifically, reach out to our Engage Web team today.

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