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Twitter moves up the advertising rankings


Twitter moves up the advertising rankings

According to an independent research company, microblogging site Twitter has displaced Yahoo as the third-biggest seller of online display ads in the U.S.

The data from eMarketer suggests that the social platform will this year lay claim to around 5% of the American marketplace for this type of internet advertising, which is a step up from last year’s result of 3.6%.

Conversely, the statistics for Yahoo suggest that its 2015 share of the U.S. market will slip to 4.6% from 5.5%, moving the Internet corporation into fourth place.

However, both are still dwarfed by the internet marketing efforts of Facebook and Google, which took 25.5% and 13% shares of the market respectively.

According to the tech wing of the Wall Street Journal, Digits, the top online advertising companies are currently shifting more of their marketing dollars over to mobile devices, which has helped Twitter to move up the rankings.

It was stated that the microblogging site has managed to outpace Yahoo in this regard, with around 88% of its total $432m (£290.3m) of advertising revenue coming from handhelds. This is contrasted by only a fifth of Yahoo’s ad income being brought in by mobile marketing, which with a total of $1.25bn (£840m) comes to roughly around $250m (£168m).

Twitter’s rise comes after its executives have announced that they are aiming to serve more adverts to users’ news feeds. App-install ads have also reportedly played a part, which is where a payment is made by a marketer every time that an application is downloaded. According to eMarketer, this new type of ad could account for 10% of all mobile adverts in 2015, while generating around $3bn (£2bn) in the U.S. alone

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