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Twitter moves in One Direction in 2013

Twitter moves in One Direction in 2013

One Direction’s continued domination of the world stage continues, as Twitter recently showed the UK pop band had some of the most retweeted messages of 2013.

According to information released by the social network, three of the top five retweeted messages of the year came from the band’s official newsfeed. Taking the top spot was one of band member Niall’s tweets:

“Yesss ! I’m 20 ! Wohooo ! No more teens!”

That particular insight was shared more than 375,000 times by Twitter’s UK-based users.

The company also released data about popularity surges experienced through the year, with football dominating these tables.

Real Madrid’s victory in the Champion’s League over Manchester United caused the largest spike, with Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory in the summer also popular.

Other data showed that people are increasingly using social networks to keep up to date with TV shows and live events. For Twitter, this is a big thing, as the company tries to stake its claim to be the ‘second screen’ app that everyone turns to for news.

Companies too need to recognise the trend for chatting and sharing major events with other people as they unfold. Being able to recognise and respond to the peaks and flows of traffic on social networking channels is essential.

With many of these taking place at peak TV viewing times too, it is an ideal opportunity to generate internet sales with people already being online and engaged.

Sports firms in particular could generate interest, with 80% of UK surges on Twitter being sports-driven in 2013.

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