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Twitter likely to drive traffic to car brand websites, study shows

Twitter likely to drive traffic to car brand websites, study shows

Research into how cars and automotive brands are promoted online has suggested that Twitter users who regularly see the tweets made by car brands are 74% more likely to visit their websites.

Twitter, together with digital marketing analysts at Compete, studied three separate groups of UK internet users to find out what difference was made to official vehicle website traffic as a direct result of Twitter updates.

The first group represented the average web user, while the latter two were both made up of Twitter users – one of which included those who regularly read tweets by at least one car brand, while the other was made up of those who did not.

Of the auto brand-exposed Twitter users, the study showed that 27.5% went on to visit car brand websites, compared to just 15.8% of ordinary internet user. The non-exposed Twitterers came somewhere in between the two groups (22.1%), suggesting that the social media tool can still attract those who have not specifically chosen to ‘follow’ an industry-specific theme.

Results followed a similar pattern in terms of studying how well Twitter boosted both auto brand recognition and conversion into trade. Those with brand exposure were found to be 54% more likely to use a search engine to find a car manufacturer’s website, and a whopping 83% more of them were prompted to make inroads into buying a car through such activities as finding their local dealer or requesting a test drive.

The automotive industry is just one sector to have realised the power of social media, and that having company-related updates appearing on Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds is an integral part of internet marketing.

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