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Twitter introduces new home page for nonmembers


Twitter introduces new home page for nonmembers

The microblogging site Twitter recently started trialling a new home page for people who have not yet signed up to the service, and is now rolling it out across the board.

Now, when some internet users bring up the page for Twitter.com without being signed in, the site will no longer just be a simple login screen. Instead, the would-be Twitter patrons will be shown a page with a variety of topics, which are intended to help draw them in.

As around 500 million people are believed to visit the site each month without being signed in, with 125 million of them going straight to the home page, this could help Twitter to tap into a large market.

The social platform will display over a dozen main categories, such as “TV shows and stars”, “country artists” and “actors and actresses”, as well as some sporting topics. There are additional sub-categories to the side of the page, so it is hoped that people visiting the Twitter home site may well be intrigued by what they find.

Clicking on one of the subjects will create an instantly curated news feed, which some commentators believe will help the social site to bypass the initial uphill struggle that some users seem to have when setting up their profile.

By having access to a variety of posts that may be of interest to them, burgeoning tweeters will be able to source a wealth of content that can help to get them started, as well as entice them to remain on the social platform.

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