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Twitter oops

Twitter introduces default ‘For you’ timeline feed

Twitter oops

Twitter introduces default ‘For you’ timeline feed

Social media giant Twitter has been no stranger to major changes since its takeover by Elon Musk towards the end of last year. Some of these changes have remained, while others didn’t last long at all after user backlash.

Now, Twitter has reformed the way it presents its timeline to users once again. The app’s interface has been updated, changing the way users are able to switch between Twitter’s algorithmic feed and the traditional chronological timeline the majority of Twitter users will be used to.

With the new update, the algorithmic feed – which shares its ‘For you’ title with TikTok’s similarly algorithmic content feed – is the default feed for Twitter users every time they open the app. To swap to the chronological ‘Following’ feed, users are instead forced to swipe their screen to the right whenever they reopen Twitter. These recent changes have been initially introduced to iOS devices, with Android and web versions of Twitter still displaying the previous interface for now.

Even before Musk’s purchase of the company, Twitter experimented with diverse ways of implementing its algorithmic-based feed. It had appeared to settle on giving users the ability to permanently toggle between the algorithm-generated timeline and ‘Latest tweets’. Now, however, users do not have this option, forcing them to give more acknowledgement to the ‘For you’ feed.


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While there are bound to be some Twitter users outraged by these changes to the app’s interface, from a content perspective, Twitter’s algorithm may give you a better chance of reaching your ideal target audience with your tweets. Instead of relying on users being on Twitter at the same time as you are tweeting, or hoping they scroll through their feed enough to see your tweet, your content is bound to be viewed by a much higher number of Twitter users if it starts to be noticed by the Twitter algorithm.

However, at the same time, if your tweets are failing to generate attention, engagement and interaction, you run the risk of your content being lost in the algorithm and not even shown to your ideal target audience.

You can see why it is of ultra-importance to ensure you are creating social media content that drives interaction and creates engagement. For more advice on how to create a sophisticated and successful content strategy, speak to the experienced team at Engage Web today.

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