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Twitter improves tools for sharing photos


Twitter improves tools for sharing photos

Twitter has upgraded how photos will look on its service, with an emphasis on a rich media experience.

Users of the microblogging website can now post uncropped photographs, and have an improved display when it comes to multiple photographs. Any pictures beyond a certain size will be automatically cropped, however.

Previously, any uploaded pictures were cropped as a measure to present a user interface that was uniform and streamlined. Although this meant that some tweets experienced more clicks as curious users wanted to see the whole of the picture, overall, it was seen by many as an annoyance, as you could not experience the picture in the way it was meant to be. It was also an issue for less technically minded Twitterers who could not edit their pictures correctly, meaning that they were truncated.

The move is a natural progression of the service, which is gradually moving away from its text-only beginnings. The service has recently seen the addition of autoplaying videos and its ‘Moments’ tab, which displays curated content.

However, the change comes with a down side: as pictures will remain largely unedited, they will take up more screen space, and bigger pictures will mean more scrolling through newsfeeds and timelines.

Twitter is not the only social media platform that has addressed the issue of multiple-image posts; Facebook recently introduced its own update that allowed users to resize pictures in a similar fashion to Instagram.

As with many updates to the service, rollout will be gradual, but Twitter hopes that all users will have access to the new features in the near future.

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