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Twitter development to aid businesses

Twitter development to aid businesses

Twitter recently announced a new development for users who want to ‘follow’ a chosen Twitter account. The move has proven to be beneficial for businesses, increasing traffic to a website rather than losing users to the Twitter site during the sign-in procedure. Previously, if a user clicked on the ‘Follow’ button on your website, they would be directed to the Twitter site in order to sign in and click on the final link. Carrying out the required clicks to follow a particular website would eventually take the user away from your website and into the Twitter domain.

The new developments work in a business’ favour, as clicking on ‘follow’ will generate a pop-up window which will direct you to sign in to Twitter. You will be shown a preview of your chosen account and given the number of followers in addition to the number being followed. This activity all takes place within the pop-up window, which you can close after finalising your actions, leaving you on your original domain.

As social media is proving to be a huge part of search engine optimisation for a business, the move by Twitter to help you retain traffic is to be applauded. The use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter provide channels for companies to communicate with customers, generating high traffic volumes for their website. Users being able to ‘follow’ your company without being drawn away from your site is an integral part of any SEO campaign, working in your favour.

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