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Twitter base to rise in emerging markets


Twitter base to rise in emerging markets

According to a new study conducted by research company eMarketer, the growing popularity of Twitter in emerging markets will see the site’s user base surpass 400 million in the next few years.

The agency has released a forecast of the social platform’s growth and has suggested to online news providers that by the end of 2014, almost 33% of users will be from the Asia-Pacific area. To put this figure into context, the firm estimates that the percentage of users in North American countries will be around 23.7%.

The growth of the network in countries such as India, Australia and Indonesia is expected to see the number of worldwide users rise to over 400 million by 2018, and over 40% of this figure will be from this part of the world. The number will be almost double the size of the North American user base, where growth is expected to mature and saturate in the next few years.

These figures are very different from those put forward by Twitter, which suggested that at the end of 2013, its active user base was around 255 million, whereas eMarketer hinted that the figure is closer to 183 million as it took into consideration individuals’ various other accounts.

To arrive at these forecasts and estimations, the eMarketer analysed the social site’s user base by region and country through the examination of several different variables and data points, including socioeconomic factors and country-specific demographics, along with survey results from research companies and agencies.

Alan Littler

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