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Twitter on phone

Twitter announces newly renovated verification system

Twitter on phone

Twitter announces newly renovated verification system

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has announced that the company’s reconstructed approach to account verification will tentatively launch this Friday, after previous attempts to renovate the platform’s ‘blue tick’ system resulted in controversies involving privacy and misinformation.

In a tweet, Musk revealed the plan for Twitter’s revamped Verified feature, which will feature different coloured verification ‘ticks’ for different verified accounts. Verified companies will have a gold check next to their names and government officials will have a grey check, while all other individuals will carry a blue check. In the tweet, Musk noted that celebrities will have the same tick as any other verified individual.

Furthermore, the new Twitter chief stated that all verified accounts will be manually authenticated prior to their verification check becoming active. The likely reason for this is to avoid any further mishaps surrounding misinformation and imposter accounts, which arose from Twitter’s initial relaunch of the Twitter Blue subscription a few weeks ago, resulting in the suspensions of thousands of Twitter users.

In another tweet, Musk announced the introduction of a “general amnesty” that would be offered to suspended accounts, providing that they had not broken the law. The exact details of this are yet to be revealed, however.

Also, just last week saw the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump’s account, after a poll created by Musk resulted in a narrow majority voting in favour of bringing the controversial figure back to the platform. Despite being reinstated, Trump has yet to formally confirm his return in tweet form.

Musk believes Twitter’s new approach to verification is “painful, but necessary”, and the entrepreneur will be hoping for a much smoother rollout for the revamped system.

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