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Twitter adds handy feature for customer service


Twitter adds handy feature for customer service

Social media giant Twitter announced a new feature last week that will benefit businesses using the platform to talk to their customers.

The new feature was announced last Thursday by the @TwitterSupport account, and it allows users to pin specific conversations in their direct messages (DMs). Once pinned, these messages will remain at the top of a user’s inbox underneath a ‘Pinned messages’ heading.

A video showing the new feature accompanied the announcement:

As highlighted in the video, to pin a chat, mobile users simply swipe right on the conversation they’d like to pin, and an icon of a pin will appear. Once that’s clicked, it will remain at the top of the DMs until it’s unpinned.

While this does offer benefits for the average Twitter user, with them being able to pin conversations with their closest friends, for example, it’s undeniably more advantageous to businesses. From a customer service perspective, pinning ongoing conversations with customers will allow reps to converse with people more easily, ensuring no conversation gets lost in a stream of DMs. This could be particularly useful if customer service reps are dealing with complaints or problems to ensure issues are resolved as promptly as possible.

Indeed, research from Twitter has uncovered that while the majority of people on Twitter (73%) are likely to tweet a business in the hopes of getting a response, more than half (52%) are even more likely to send a business a DM when information that’s more private is involved – which could concern order deliveries, for example. This suggests that if businesses aren’t already making use of DMs on Twitter to converse with their customers, they should seriously consider doing so.

Twitter DMs are one of many ways to stay in contact with customers, but perhaps more important is a website customers can visit as a first port of call to getting their queries answered. If you need help with setting up a website or general online presence for your business, our Engage Web team is here to help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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