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Twitter acquires search service for content discovery

Twitter acquires search service for content discovery

Twitter is still on the hunt for better content discovery methods, as evidenced by the acquisition of Julpan, a small search service with a social focus. The smaller company, based in New York, analyses social activity to provide more accurate search results.

Though small, Julpan has some impressive people on board. The small search company is headed up by CEO Ori Allon, who has previous experience of being acquired by the big movers in search. Allon and his Orion search company was picked up by Google in 2006, and his work may have contributed to Google’s ‘related search’ features in search results.

Twitter’s Vice-President of Engineering, Mike Abbot, stated that the buy-out was prompted by Twitter’s aim of surfacing interesting content for users. Abbot stated that the micro-blogging site was looking at ways to pull out interesting tweets for users based on their existing interests.

Social media sites have been making some strong moves toward search in recent months, with Twitter showing an obvious interest in increasing its search functionality. Site owners interested in SEO, and those in SEO careers, couldn’t be blamed for wondering how Julpan’s acquisition will eventually affect their search engine optimisation plans.

The social media site, however, is being silent so far about exactly what Julpan’s team will be doing for Twitter. Abbot stated that the use for Julpan’s technology had yet to be decided upon. There was a hint from Twitter that the smaller company’s previous use of the technology, as displayed through Julpan’s search engine, is not likely to be a model for Twitter.

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