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Tweeters to know how far a post goes


Tweeters to know how far a post goes

Microblogging site Twitter appears to be trailing a new analytical tool that will let users see the statistics for an individual tweet.

On some desktop accounts, people may be able to see a small icon of a bar graph in the buttons running along the bottom of a post on their news feeds, just to the right of the star that ‘favourites’ a tweet.

By clicking on the icon, users will be directed to analytical information for each individual post, including how many times it has been viewed, how many people have engaged with the tweet, and the number of ‘clickthroughs’ to its information.

In the past, such statistics could be gleaned using Twitter’s official analytics dashboard. However, this would be the first time that such information can be ascertained from within news feeds.

According to The Next Web, the new timeline-based tool, if fully rolled out to all users, would make it easier for professional tweeters to view insights at a glance. Meanwhile, due to its proximity to other vital buttons for average users, such as the favourites and retweet icons, it may open up the use of analytics to people who otherwise would not have utilised the tools, or may not have even known that they existed.

Reportedly, Twitter has already been experimenting with news feed analytics for mobile users since November of last year. Such developments, if continued, could see greater use of the social platform by businesses, which can be surer of how their efforts are playing out.

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