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Tweet stalk for links

Tweet stalk for links

In the normal way of things, having someone follow your every move, sitting outside the chippy in Chester while you get your dinner and generally pay too much attention is simply not on. It’s called stalking. Strangely, scary as this behaviour is offline, it’s completely acceptable online. In fact, it can get you way ahead when you’re looking for social media links.

Social media sites operate on a strict set of rules, and it can be hard for outsiders to work them out when working the SEO angle. There is one central rule it’s easy to understand, though, and that is ‘follow to be followed.’ Or, to put it another way, stalk people and they will encourage others to stalk you.

This is particularly true for Twitter. Unlike some other forms of social media, Twitter requires fans to get fans. The surest way to arrange this is to attract the attention of someone already popular.

Note that ‘stalking’ in this context means polite stalking, not the scary kind. Twitter stalking should involve insightful comments and contributions. Also unlike scary stalking, Twitter stalking needs a little diversity, involving a number of popular Twitter users in the hopes of getting links from a number of sources. Okay, it more resembles polite, interested fan behaviour than stalking, but you get the point.

Don’t forget to switch off this behaviour when you power down your computer, though. Following others online is acceptable as one of your SEO jobs, but stalking in the real world is creepy.

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