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TV star’s new clothing line sports grammatical error

TV star’s new clothing line sports grammatical error

Lucy Watson from the reality programme Made in Chelsea recently launched her new fashion range, but there is some controversy about a rogue apostrophe on a t-shirt.

The offending slogan read:

“Emoji’s speak louder than words!”

If you think back to your English lessons, you’ll remember that the apostrophe is not needed, because the ‘s’ represents a plural rather than possession. Many of Watson’s fans noticed the error and expressed their dissatisfaction through social media. By the way, if you’re wondering what an emoji is, it’s an extensive system of smileys and ideograms that originated in Japan.

Clothing giant H&M made a similar blunder earlier in the year with one of its slogan t-shirts. The garment featured the following quote from Thomas Edison:

“Genious is one percent inspiration & ninety nine percent perspiration.”

The misspelling of ‘genius’ did not go unnoticed and it was reported on a number of major websites, such as the Daily Mail and Metro.

If such obvious mistakes can make it onto clothing, you can imagine how easy it is to make errors when writing content for a website news feed. Just like with traditional publishing, you need a proofreading and editing process to catch embarrassing typos and other slip ups. Any professional news writing service will have this in place.

Note that for many search engine optimisation providers, content is not a core service, so they outsource it to English speakers in countries such as India. While this may be cheaper, the combination of non-native writers and lack of proofreading can be a recipe for disaster.

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