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Trump supporters found to have worst English skills

Trump supporters found to have worst English skills

In a recent study of US presidential candidates, Republican supporters have been found to have worse grammar and spelling than Democrat supporters, with Donald Trump’s supporters making the most errors on average.

The study, which was undertaken by Grammarly, looked at the Facebook pages for each of the presidential hopefuls. The positive and neutral comments from supporters were then examined for spelling and grammatical errors and ranked in terms of errors made for every 100 words. Supporters of the Democratic candidates came out better with 4.2 mistakes for every 100 words, compared to 8.7 for those supporting the Republican candidates.

When considering the individual presidential hopefuls, the supporters of Democratic candidate Lincoln Chafee fared best with only 3.1 errors for every 100 words. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Donald Trump’s supporters made the most errors on average with 12.6 errors per 100 words.

While some of these errors could be attributed to the heated nature of political discussions, it shows how easily people can trip up on their spelling and grammar. Even professional writers can miss such errors, because the human brain is influenced by what it expects to see. When another person reads the same text, however, any spelling and grammatical errors can be painfully obvious.

This is why good news writing services use editors to check the work of their writers. This second step is essential for filtering out errors that would otherwise be published on the customer’s website news feed.

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