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Travel websites affected by Google’s new search tool

Travel websites affected by Google’s new search tool

A new search tool launched by Google could have a huge impact on travel websites in the near future. The flight schedule feature provides flight information at the very top of a search page, before any travel websites. The new search tool gives a comprehensive list of departure and arrival times, and airline details, which could prove detrimental to travel companies.

One of the options for people searching for flight information, is to view “a schedule of non-stop flights”. This opens up results, pushing organic results further down the page, reducing the availability for travel companies on the first, or even second page. As the new Google feature provides a link with the airline, some searchers may not even use the existing travel sites which could have a huge effect, especially on small businesses.

This addition to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) suggests that travel companies should review their search engine optimisation techniques to ensure that they achieve competitive results on the search pages. Bing has also started to feature instant answers in relation to search queries. If this becomes a popular trend among search engines, online marketing will have to concentrate their efforts on improved SEO techniques.

Marketing experts will be looking at the addition of high quality content to sites, which provides answers to queries in order to be competitive and secure a spot high up on the SERPs. For all travel sites operating from Scotland down to Liverpool and beyond, improved SEO techniques are necessary for increased search visibility.

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