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Traditional newspapers could be saved by reading app

Traditional newspapers could be saved by reading app

A new app has been developed by a Japanese design team, which could bolster the fortunes of traditional newspapers.

The tool, which uses augmented-reality, takes the original text and converts it into language that children can understand. With many journalists now experts at writing news stories in accordance with SEO principles, it is an interesting idea.

The AR News app is the culmination of work by major Japanese title Tokyo Shimbun, and advertising company Dentsu. A smartphone or tablet with the app, simply needs to be held over the paper to convert the text.

Showing how it works in a video, the team behind the tool have also integrated animations to capture attention and make the stories more fun.

In the promotional video, Dentsu said:

“If newspapers became readable to children, they will contribute to family communication and child’s education.”

The promo went on to say that it could herald a new future for the media.

There has been some support for the idea in the UK, with Paul Bradshaw saying:

“What it’s really about is something that’s been talked about for a long time, about content being presented in different ways depending on who the user is.”

The blogger went on to say that it could still be a challenge to get kids and adults to find the same story entertaining though. However, the problem has been breached in the past, notably with Newsround on the BBC.

Those creating search engine optimisation content for kids have worked hard too, to ensure the language they use is tailored to and relevant to kids, despite how old the creator him or self may be.

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