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Top three reasons why self publishing fails

Top three reasons why self publishing fails

E-books have become increasingly popular, which has made self-publishing much more accessible to anyone who has access to the Internet. However, most self acclaimed e-book writers will fail to make an impact on their Internet audience. Here are three reasons why:

1. Not being willing to accept negative reviews of your work could cost you dearly. Although criticism isn’t pleasant, it is necessary and should be accepted graciously without any angry response being made publicly

2. Insufficient promotion of your book will result in poor sales. Launching a new book on the Internet requires a creative media placement campaign. Building connections and raising awareness is essential, including requesting reviews and interaction with your target audience

3. The final version of your e-book should be accurate and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Poor spelling and grammar causes confusion for the reader and the mistakes can make a book unreadable. Reviews which highlight errors can ruin your reputation as an author and future career in the publishing world, which is why you should have your work proofread and edited by a professional

Building a website for your business should be treated much the same as book publishing. The copy has to be accurate, original and error free in order to engage the reader. Promotion is essential with a Search Engine Optimisation campaign in place. Content outsourcing to a professional SEO writer will guarantee that your website generates a high level of interest. A UK copywriting agency will build a professional reputation for your business.

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