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Writing content

Top content writing tips every copywriter should follow

Writing content

Top content writing tips every copywriter should follow

With more companies than ever operating online, there is a constant demand for written content. From website copy and landing pages to weekly blogs, copywriters craft content for the companies they work for. However, to achieve the right results, content must be original, high-quality, SEO-friendly and engaging. To this end, in this blog we’ll look at some key content tips all copywriters must follow.

SEO first

Before writing, research the latest SEO trends and identify keywords related to your industry and target audience. As a result, you will learn the optimum length for an article and ensure that the words users search are included so that content ranks well on search engines.

Audience, tone, and language

Copywriters must understand their target audience in order to write appealing content. Once identified, writers can select a tone of voice which their target readership will respond to. Unless you’re writing for a specialist or niche industry, the best policy for content creators is to use simple and easy-to-understand language.

Structure and readability

Content writers must be aware that it can be a difficult task to keep the attention of many readers with online articles. To ensure audiences engage with content, pieces must be easy to take in. Using attention grabbing titles, subheadings, paragraphs and sometimes bulleted points produces more accessible content.

Unique and up to date

Search engines penalise companies for using duplicate or out of date copy on their sites and blogs. As a result, writers must research their topics and create original work based on the most current facts available to create informative and useful content.

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