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Top 5 tips for the Lazy SEO

Top 5 tips for the Lazy SEO

Many years ago I read something called the Lazy SEO Manifesto and have to admit, it changed my own personal view on SEO. Sadly, the original website that housed this piece of SEO genius doesn’t seem to work properly and the Manifesto is no longer online.

The essence of the document was that SEO experts should do as little of the real work as physically possible and spend all of their time strategising. This made me thing about what are the real important aspects of being an SEO, what are the things that set SEO aside from every other industry and how does being an SEO allow you to be working, and earning, even when you’re asleep?

So here, without further ado, are some tips for lazy SEO professionals who want to earn a living and become hugely successful online without spending more than a few hours a day actually working.

1 – Let your readers do your work

Working is hard, and doing hard work is a complete no-no. Therefore you should let the visitors to your website do the work for you. What’s the point being an SEO genius if you’re doing the legwork yourself? Build websites that rely on user generated content and those websites will then build and run themselves. This leaves you free to sit back and reap the advertising rewards that befall those content rich websites.

2 – Outsource everything

Sometimes there are times when you can’t get users of your website to do the work for free. It’s harsh, but it’s true. Your time would be wasted doing it yourself though, so outsource it to friends, colleagues and acquaintances from the Internet. You should spend your time coming up with new ideas, not manually coding and building websites yourself.

3 – Let your links build themselves

Building links is tiresome. Paying for links is expensive (and against Google’s TOS), plus it’s also tiresome. Did we mention tiresome?

Therefore, letting the links build themselves is a much better way of creating a strong website. Do this with a mixture of great content, web tools and of course, Google News. All of your websites should be in Google News if at all possible, the link generating potential of Google News is incredible, far better than any third rate link supplier based in eastern Europe.

4 – Use photos and videos for content

Writing content is time consuming, and you can’t ‘always’ rely on your users to do it for you. Rather than spend all of your days doing it yourself, utilise other mediums that are often more fun, such as video, images and PDFs. By creating funny, incredible and downright shocking rich media you can once again generate huge numbers of links, traffic and coverage for your website.

5 – Use spreadsheets and whiteboards

We know, what’s this got to do with SEO? Well, if you have a hundred and one ideas with dozens of active websites in various stages of development, how can you expect to keep on top of what project is at what stage of development? You need to ensure that you don’t forget anything, otherwise that great topical idea you had for a website may just become old hat by the time you remember it.

There’s no point inventing Facebook now is there?

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